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The story of Parliament

When Foodism approached us with an idea to revive the area’s brewing heritage, it ended up doing just that and a lot more besides.

Wherever you’re standing, sitting or lying down right now, there’s a pretty good chance the space beneath your feet has a little bit of history in it. But it’s not very often you actually think about it, is it? The people that have walked across your train carriage, the things under your floorboards, the grass left to grow in your local park.

Directly underneath the desk I’m sat writing this at in Battersea are a load of swooping arched vaults. They once housed barrel after barrel of beer ready to be shipped out from the yard at the back of my office by horse and cart. Although the vaults are now filled with vases and props for a floral display company, there are still a fair few barrel-shaped markings on the wall that show the past is there, and that history as it’s told did happen…

Words by Tom Powell.

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