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No more “follow this link for that, and that link for this”.


Thrown in at the deep end of lockdown, we had one main question, “How do we continue to get Mondo beer into the hands of you, our loyal customers?”. As you may have seen over the last few weeks, we’ve been developing a lovely new website and the second phase of that was always focused on building a bespoke web shop. Our Shopify (national delivery) and Slerp (local collection) sites have served us brilliantly, and come highly recommended. But, we wanted more flexibility and control in selling our beer directly, and we wanted it all to go through one space. No more directing customers to two different links, which are available at different times of the week. No more confusion. All sales, national delivery and collection, now go through


When we first launched our local courier and collection service our prices were LOW. We didn’t know what was going to happen next or how we’d keep business rolling in, all whilst keeping an eye on what our peers were doing. Shifting volume at that stage was key and a competitive price was part of that. Once we established our Shopify shop, and with renewed confidence thanks to the furlough system, we revisited prices and brought things up. This reflected the cost to us but also meant we weren’t undercutting our trusted wholesale partners and bottle shops by going direct. Yet, the pricing was generic and catch-all, with a little bit more on core beer (cheaper cost-wise) meaning a little bit less on our small-batch, seasonal beers (more expensive to make). We’ve tweaked things one more time (one more time, honest) to offer some really accessible beers in our core range while costing one-off beers a bit more appropriately. We want to encourage you try plenty of beer so we’ve baked in discounts to all 24-packs (10% off) with single variety 12-packs benefiting from a 5% discount. A nice touch is seeing the price-per-can applied, just have a click through to see that at work. (There’s also a pre-applied 5% off your order until the end of July.)


If you’ve bought beer from us before then most things are staying the same. You can purchase single-variety core and seasonal 440ml cans in 12 and 24-packs. Core bottles still come in cases of 24 and a mixed case of all four beers. We’ve also added a 24-pack of core cans at a great price. Local? We still have a select range of beers available in 5L mini keg, collection only. One thing we couldn’t offer in the past was the option to buy beers individually, with customers hamstrung by pre-selected mixed packs (we still do those). Now you can choose your own variety via our Build Your Own 6-12 and make a 10% saving on our Build Your Own 24. Expect to see merchandise, tours and event tickets all available for purchase in future updates.


Collection has been massive for us during lockdown and you’ve supported us so well these last few months. Naturally, trying to communicate two different shops to an Internet public comes with its own difficulties so we’re really pleased to bring this feature into our main web shop. Anything that’s on the shop can be marked for collection and ordered 24/7. However, for the time being, collection times remain the same (Friday 3pm-8pm | Saturday 12pm-5pm) and you’ll be prompted at checkout to select your slot. Mini kegs are ONLY available for collection customers. Be sure to take a note of your slot and be assured that we’ll have your beer ready for you. (If you’re a little early, or a little late, don’t worry.)


It should all be quite straightforward but in the coming weeks we’ll be producing some how-to videos and posts, housed on social media, on how best to use it, how best to find the beer you want and where to make the best savings. A few final notes before you go and order:

• Old links/cookies you have saved will not take you to the new site, so delete those bad boys.
• Any site-wide discount codes from the old shops are now retired, but…
• Have a bespoke code from us that you didn’t use yet? These will be migrated soon.
• No more on-demand local courier until the tap house is fully up and running.
• Repeat: Mini kegs are collection-only, your cart will reflect that.
• Repeat: Collection/takeaway pint times remain the same (Fri 3pm-8pm Sat 12pm-5pm), but you can order your collection at any point.

Hit us up with any feedback and bear with us while we find our feet with a new system. Stay safe.

Words by Tom Harrison.
Artwork (as always) by the lovely Luke Drozd.